Get Free Robux from – Do you want to get Robux for free? You might really want to get Robux for free because as we know that getting Robux is not easy. You have to buy it or you have to make goods and then you can sell it. So when you hear about Robux free, you definitely want to get it. is one site that offers free Robux. This site can be accessed at If you access this site, you will see a black background with the word “Welcome” and also a box that you must fill in with your username. So, you can enter your Roblox username there to be able to access more sites. After you enter your username, then you must click Continue. After that, they will confirm you whether the account that appears is yours. If so, click Yes.

Now, you will be directed to the main page of the site. The site background is black and the top is green. At the top, there are several menus including Houses, Offers, Withdrawals and Disputes. And then, on the top right, there is a Login / Logout menu. In the main menu, there is Current Balance, Total Earnings, Completed Offer and also Current Funds Available. Then, if under the menu, you can see Robux Wall 1, Robux Wall 2, Robux Wall 3, and 1 Free Robux.

To be able to get Robux Free from GetRobux GG, you must click on one of the offers on Robux Wall. There, you can see there are several options such as Spin the Lucky Wheel, Easy Math Quiz, and many more. This offer is complemented by Robux that you will get. If you click on an offer, you will be confirmed on the pop up menu. There will be requirements and descriptions, and if you agree, you can click Continue.

If you have completed an offer, then you can withdraw your income. If you click on the Withdrawal menu, you can see that they advise you to withdraw once every 30 minutes to prevent fraud. When you withdraw, you must enter the amount of Robux you want.

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In addition to Robux Wall there are also using Promo Codes. You can redeem promo codes to get robux. Before you redeem promo codes you must have completed 2 offers in order to redeem promo codes. The following promo code still works on

  • DOGGY – You received 2 Robux. codes

Sites that offer free Robux are still a problem that cast doubt on Roblox players. They wonder if this kind of site is real or just fraud. For your information, when we try to enter the site, we use a fake account where the account is not available on Roblox. But, do you know what happened? We can log in with a fake Roblox account that is not actually available on Roblox. So, from this you can also conclude whether this site is genuine or scam. If the site is real, you certainly have to enter your real account.

On some forums like Quora, there are threads about Robux free from the site. They say that there is no free Robux. Sites that offer free Robux are scams and they just want to fool you. So, if you want to try GetRobux GG, you have to be careful.

That’s all I can say about If you have questions don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments column. Thanks for visiting.

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