Roblox Project X Codes 2020 [May 2020]

In this post, I will show you about Roblox Project X Codes 2020. Project X code can provide cash, EXP mastery, and Double EXP. When other players try to make cash during the game, these codes make it easy for you and you can shop for items in the game easily.

Project X Codes 2020

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Project X Codes 2020

Free cash, mastery of exp and booster (luck and farming exp), redeem the code and enjoy the prize.

  • GodHelpUsAll – You got 1 Hour x2 exp
  • SubToibemaine – You got 250k cash and also 50k mastery exp
  • SubToAspectProductions – You got 250k cash and also 50k mastery exp
  • SubToKarma – You got 250k cash and also 50k mastery exp
  • SubToTheSalehm121 – You got 250k cash and also 50k mastery exp
  • SubToBuilderboyYV – You got 250k cash and also 50k mastery exp
  • SubToJaePlayz – You got 1 week x5 exp and also 3 days of x2 luck

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How to Redeem Codes on Project X

  1. Find the “Menu” button (lower left corner of your screen) and click on this button.
  2. The screen will open.
  3. Type the code from the top into the blank area. (You can copy paste this code)
  4. Press the “Enter” key to use the code.
Project X Codes 2020

Description game Project X

[New Code at 45k Likes]

This game is a project that takes several anime concepts and adds them to one game, aiming to become an RPG where you can race from the possibilities of one of your favorite animes while also being able to build your own custom moveset, possess special weapons and powers among Countless strengths that come from several different anime.

All power can be awakened by pressing the V Button on 25 Mastery

[Alt Left]: Shift Lock

[Z]: Magic Sweep Sweep
[G]: Fill Sweep Fuel
[Click]: Move with Magic Broom

Arrows give abilities
Grimoires skills give
The soul gives race

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Defeat npcs to gain mastery
Awaken your abilities in 25 mastery

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